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How is an OM (One-Time Maintenance Task) created?
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Create Onetime Maintenance (OM) Task

NOTE: There are two types of maintenance tasks:

Onetime Tasks or OM's are one-time tasks, typically repairs or modifications, such as replacing a bilge pump that has failed.

Preventative Maintenance tasks or PM’s are planned, recurring tasks with frequencies such as oil changes and replacing fuel filters.

1. OM's can be created in two locations in WheelHouse.They can be created from the Vessel Home Page by clicking Create Onetime Maintenance Task or within the Maintenance Tab of a specific piece of equipment.When creating an OM from the Vessel Home Page, the procedure below is virtually identical, but a System and Equipment will need to be selected from the first two filters (since the OM is not being created from within the equipment’s Maintenance Tab).Then, skip to Step 4 from the instructions below.

2. To create an OM from the within a piece of equipment, on the Vessel Home Page, drag the cursor over the View Equipment Info system list then over the equipment name and click on the Maintenance Tab.

3. Click Add Onetime Task (OM) to add a new Onetime Maintenance Task.This will open the Maintenance Manager window.

4. Task ID numbers will be automatically assigned to a new task.

5. Operation is a user-defined field and describes the task details such as “Replace Bilge Pump.”

6. Alerts can be turned On or Off. The default setting when creating an alert is On. NOTE: Alerts that are off will not show up in the Maintenance Alerts area on the Vessel Home Page.

7. Warranty can be set as either yes or no. Select yes if the task or part is covered under a warranty.

8. Start Date or Hours are when the task should be alerted or carried out. NOTE: The default start date is the day or current hours when the OM is created and denotes when the alert will become active.

9. Procedure and Special Tools are freeform fields where you can describe the task details and any special tools required.

10. Estimated Job Hours can be added.

11. Click Add Document to add a supporting document, photo, or video to further describe the issue.

12. Click boxes for Vessel Parts Required (shows the list of parts populated under the equipment’s Spare Parts Tab) that correlate to the OM. This will allow those parts to be subtracted from inventory when completing the task.

13. Inventory Parts Required (For Fleet Customers Only) - Click Add Inventory Parts and then search for parts using part name, part number, manufacturer, etc. Choose the appropriate part(s) from the list below and then click Add Part to the right of the part. Enter the Quantity of parts used to the left of the parts listing in the Maintenance Manager.

13. Click Submit and Close to save the OM or Submit and Next to save the first OM and create another OM.

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