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How is a Maintenance Forecast created?
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Create Maintenance Forecast

Create a printable maintenance forecast containing current alerts and alerts coming due within a specified forecast period. The Maintenance Forecast is useful when you want to produce a printed report of maintenance to be performed, and if you are going be "off-line" from the Internet.

  1. On the Vessel Home Page, click Create/Print Maintenance Forecast.
  2. From the dropdown menu, filter by OM's, PM's, or All.
  3. Select System and then any or all of the Equipment within that system or select All Systems.
  4. Click Submit to see a Maintenance Forecast list containing current alerts and alerts coming due.
  5. The Forecast period of Hours and/or Days may be adjusted by entering values into these fields and then clicking Submit again to expand or reduce the maintenance list.
  6. There are some additional options from which to choose when generating a maintenance forecast, which are Include Daily PM's and Alert Status. The default settings for these choices are No and On, respectively. However, if Daily Alerts should be included in the report, select Yes and either All, Off, or On for which type of Alerts to be included in the forecast.
  7. When making changes to the variables, be sure to click Submit to have the changes reflected in the Maintenance Forecast list.
  8. Once the forecast is generated, if a Maintenance Task needs to be edited, click on the name of the task. This will open the Maintenance Manager window and allow for changes.

Print Maintenance Forecast
This report can be printed by following the above steps and then clicking the Print icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Export Maintenance Report

This report can be exported to Excel by following the above steps and then clicking the Export icon in the top right-hand corner of the page.

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