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How is Corrective Maintanance recorded?
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Record Corrective Maintenance

To record maintenance completed on a specific piece of equipment that was not alerting, follow the instructions below. This approach is useful when a problem is found and repaired (an OM isn’t created and closed), and the history needs to be recorded.

  1. On the Vessel Home Page, click Record Corrective Maintenance to record maintenance completed on a specific piece of equipment that was NOT alerting.
  2. Select the System and Equipment from the dropdown menus, then select the PM or select No Associated PM.
  3. There are four Types of maintenance: Preventative, Corrective, Modification, and Warranty. Selecting Dismissed is also an option.
  4. Preventative maintenance is standard maintenance such as oil changes.
  5. Corrective maintenance is a repair such as an impeller change.
  6. Modification is a change such as replacing a water pump with a different type of water pump.
  7. Warranty refers to any warranty related maintenance.
  8. Dismissed will mark the task as dismissed and will reset it to the next due date based off the date entered and the Frequency of the PM.
  9. If there are Onboard Parts used, they will be listed. For example, a PM for an Oil Change should show Engine Oil and an Oil Filter under Onboard Parts Used. In order to maintain accurate inventory, any parts used from the vessel should be marked with the quantity used. (Note on Inventory: Parts supplied by WheelHouse are automatically added to inventory. Parts acquired by owner/operator must be entered manually.
  10. Inventory Parts Used (For Fleet Customers Only) - Click Add Inventory Parts and then search for parts using part name, part number, manufacturer, etc. Choose the appropriate part(s) from the list below and then click Add Part to the right of the part. Enter the Quantity of parts used to the left of the parts listing in the Maintenance Manager.
  11. To make a record of other parts used in the history entry, under Other Parts Used, click Add Part and enter any details available.
  12. Any Notes, Supporting Documents, Performed By, Cost, and Actual Job Hour details can be entered.
  13. When completed, click Add History and Close to save or Add History and Next to save and go to the next PM.
NOTE: While only a Type of maintenance, Date and/ or Hours Performed are required entries, the more complete the entry, the better the history will be.

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