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How are Maintenance Tasks Viewed, Edited, and Deleted?
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View, Edit, or Delete Maintenance Tasks

NOTE: There are two types of maintenance tasks:

Onetime Tasks or OM's are one-time tasks, typically repairs or modifications, such as replacing a bilge pump that has failed.

Preventative Maintenance tasks or PM’s are planned, recurring tasks with frequencies such as oil changes and replacing fuel filters.

  1. On the Vessel Home Page, drag the cursor over the View Equipment Info system list, then over the equipment name, and click on the Maintenance Tab.
  2. To view an existing maintenance task, click the View icon to the right of task. This opens a detailed view of the task including Parts Required and Support Documents.
  3. To edit an existing task, click the Edit icon.When the Maintenance Manager opens, make any changes as needed, and then click Update and Close to save the revisions. To save the changes to the first maintenance task, and then edit the next task in the list, click Update and Next.
  4. To delete a task, click the Delete icon, and then click Yes to delete it permanently.

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