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How is a Maintenance Forecast generated from the Work Tab?
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Fleet Create/Print Maintenance Forecast

Create a printable maintenance forecast containing current alerts and alerts coming due within a specified forecast period. The Maintenance Forecast is useful when you want to produce a printed report of maintenance to be performed, or if you are going be "off-line" from the Internet.

  1. On the Fleet Home Page click the Work tab, then click Create/Print Maintenance Forecast.
  2. From the dropdown menus select the Location and then the Vessel (or All Vessels). You may select more than one item from most of these menus by holding down the command or cntrl (depending on your computer) key and clicking on all of the items you wish to select. After each selection click the arrow to go to the next.
  3. Select System (or All Systems) and then Select Equipment (or All Equipment).
  4. You may adjust the Forecast period for the number of hours and/or days before the due date.
  5. Under Alert Status you have the option to choose whether or not to see all alerts. (Most customers choose Include Daily PM's NO and they choose Alert Status ON.)
  6. Select the Group(s), and then select your criteria to Sort By:.
  7. Choose the from the drop down menu Filter By OM's, PM's, or All.
  8. Click Retrieve Maintenance Forecast Report. Report Results will be shown.
  9. Click the View/Print icon to see the report. To Print the report click the Print Report button. To view more details or edit information about any of the maintenance tasks listed click the Task ID/Operation name.
  10. To export the Maintenance Forecast Report to Excel click the Export icon.
  11. You may edit a Maintenance Task from the list by clicking on the name of the task. This will open the Maintenance Manager window and allow for changes.

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